Welcome to the Owl Bar, Houston’s Best Austin Bar. We’re nestled between Western U and River Oaks in Upper Kirby, but our roots, and the spirit that nourishes them, stretch all the way to Sixth Street. When we started the Owl Bar, we wanted to recreate the best bars, the best times, and the best friendships we’d known growing up in Austin. We just wanted to do it in Houston. So we started with three little rules.

Everbody’s Welcome
We never worried about finding the right crowd for the Owl; we knew the right crowd would find us. And so they have. Every night, you’ll find tatted-up bikers elbow to elbow with Rice grad students, sheetrock hangers chatting up Montrose hipsters, musicians arguing the infield fly rule with attorneys. The perfect cross-section of Houston. We’re small but inviting, and friendly to anyone looking for a friend. You’ll get the feel the minute you walk in. And, chances are, you will have found a new home.

We Believe in a Strong Pour
We are a bar, after all. So we make the drinks we’d like to drink. And that means a strong right hand on the pour. We don’t measure our shots; we just tip the bottle until your drink feels and tastes just right. Some places measure profits by the milliliter. We measure by that “aaah” sound a customer makes after the first sip of the perfect drink. We figure if you get your money’s worth, then we’ll get ours.

We Wanted an Austin Feel
What’s that? Well, it means a little neighborhood place with good people, great drinks, a little live music, and a tiny space that becomes a makeshift dance floor when things get hopping. A cooler filled with beers from all over the world, but space reserved for the very best of local brewers. A free jukebox crammed with legends, and a small stage dedicated to up-and-coming local artists. Great conversations with strangers who end up friends. A staff that’s been here since the beginning and treats you like you have. A place that feels like your own best secret, but one you can’t wait to tell.

Owl Bar is beloved by a wide range of patrons, from loyal River Oaks bar-hoppers to tattooed indie types. With a weekday happy hour featuring half-off beer, liquor and house wine, this spot delivers a calm, soothing place to drink during off-peak hours. Entering the small pub will bring you face-to-face with the appropriately owl-themed décor, a smattering of more than 20 vodkas and a staff that treats its clientele like family. If that's still not enough, there's a popcorn machine, and a corner jukebox is stacked with great albums from the past 30 years and set up for free play. Its prime location off Kirby has increased its popularity as that area has become a new hot spot for well-heeled drinkers.


Local Artist Live at The Owl Bar – Christian Staehely